Benefits: Season Ticket Memberships
•  Savings Over Single Game Ticket Prices - By purchasing your Season Ticket Membership, you automatically receive discounted prices on each ticket compared to the single game purchasers.
•  Dedicated Army West Point Athletics Representative - You have access to one representative that will be managing your Season Ticket Membership. Please feel free to contact that representative with any questions or concerns throughout the year. 
•  Invitation to Exclusive STM Experiences - Throughout the year, you will receive invitations to exclusive Season Ticket Member experiences including a locker room tour, pre-game chalk talk and fan tunnel. You will also be entered into a drawing for exclusive prizes including pre-game sideline passes, Nike prize packs and more!
•  Opportunity to Purchase Army-Navy Tickets - Secure your tickets to America's Game in Philadelphia and the ability to purchase seats based on your season ticket quantity OR Army A Club membership level.
•  Access to Manage Your Account and Transfer Tickets - By logging on to your account at, you can now conveniently transfer tickets to your family and friends.
•  Opportunity to Purchase Home Single Game Tickets Before the public on-sale date - With your Season Ticket Membership, you have the opportunity to purchase single game tickets with your renewal. This allows you to purchase great seats for family and friends before the general public.

Army-Navy Tickets
Please Note, Army-Navy tickets are NOT included with your season ticket purchase. The maximum quantity of Army-Navy tickets you are eligible to request is based on the number of season tickets purchased OR your Army A Club membership level. Army-Navy tickets cannot be purchased online.
Season Ticket Members cannot combine their respective quantity of season ticket memberships and donation limit for additional Army-Navy tickets.

Seatback Cushions (Black Knight Seats)
Available on a season basis. Season Ticket Members can place an order by calling 866-910-9288 or online at

Season Ticket Membership Seating

SectionSeat MembershipSeason Ticket Total
Zone 3$350$240$590
Zone 2$250$240$490
Zone 1$150$240$390
Sideline N/A$265$265

For Zone 4 Season Ticket Membership Seating: Contact the Army A Club at 845-938-2322
All new or upgraded season ticket memberships in Zones 1, 2 or 3 require per seat memberships in 2018